Ceiling, Floor, And Wall Cleanup After Athens AL Water Damage

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Athens Alabama Ceiling, Floor, And Wall Cleanup After Water Damage Steps

All of us living in Athens Alabama knows, water is fundamental to human life and existence, yet it is a big problem for many homes. Water damage can bring about a wide range of pain for property owners, both promptly after the damage happens and over the long haul. From mood everywhere to cracked fixtures, water damage is a genuine agony and can bring long-term pain.

There are lots of other issues that follow water damage if the damage is not cleaned up immediately. These other issues include mold, unwelcome reptiles such as snakes and lizards, and other pests such as rats and roaches. Honestly, prevention is better than cure.

Water damage should be prevented in the first place. In my experience, 65% of flooded home is caused by children playing with water. They left the water running in the bath top or sink and went somewhere else. The second cause is the flooding from the outside which may be due to heavy rain. Make sure your house is in a high-rise spot that pushes the water downward not towards your house.

You may also want to check for the drainage around your house to make sure they are working and not blocked. If block, call the city official to come and fix the issue.

Turn off the power and Gas

In the event of water damage, the first thing you want to do is to turn off the power and gas from the source if possible for you and safe. This will prevent electric shock from happening to you or any family member or pets.

Contact a water damage restoration specialis

After you’ve determined the extent of the water damage and danger and everything is now safe, call a specialist. Whether you know the source of the water damage or you can’t tell where the water is originating from, promptly contact water damage and clean-up experts. They will be able to give you a free estimate in most cases. Moreover, you can get more than one water damage restoration company to come and see the damage to get fair pricing and choose the one you would like to do the water removal and clean-up job.

Survey the damage

Before you start your cleanup exercise, first decide to evaluate to what extent is the water damage to your properties. Take sufficient photographs and other documentation to demonstrate to the insurance agency the issue.

Select the water damage clean up company

After you have competed for everything that you can do on your own, it is now time to select the company that will restore the damage for you.

Claim from Insurance

In most cases, your homeowner insurance will pay for the service. So, make sure you get the receipt from the cleanup company and get your insurance company involved in the process right from the beginning as well. Therefore, don’t forget to get your reimbursement from the insurance company after the cleanup.



Water damage is the most common emergency that plagues homeowners. Unfortunately, it also causes some of the most expensive damage. Basements and lower rooms can often flood from storms and heavy rain fall. Commonalty sewage backup can cause flooding in bathrooms and kitchens within a home. Burst pipes in cold weather are a given in winter. We even see water creep up through the foundation. No matter where your water damage came from – if you have flooded water in your house you may be left confused and scared. At Water Damage Repair Pro in Athens we understand your situation and we’re here to do everything we can to get your home back to normal quickly!

Flood Damage

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Water Damage

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Water Extraction

Standing water can bring up chemicals and health hazards. Water that looks clear may carry bacteria. Our water extraction machines are readily available.

Mold Inspection

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