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Time is of the uttermost importance when it comes to water damage restoration. First and foremost, quickly stop the water

Whether the damage is caused by floodwater and you need flooding cleanup, a burst pipe, or any other means, Water Damage Repair Pro Huntsville AL will come to your aid.

The longer water is left without restoration, or wet areas are left untreated, the more damage is done, and mold has a better chance to grow. Even if you are sure that the structure and contents in it are dry, it is a great idea to have a certified water damage restoration company verify.

Typically this service is free, and you might be surprised at what we find. Water likes to hide and migrate to areas not easily seen.

Water Damage Restoration Services

  • Water loss damage
  • Structural cleaning
  • Odor control
  • Contents cleaning
  • Pack out cleaning
  • Broken pipes
  • Flood damage restoration
  • Insurance claims
  • Mold damage
  • Toilet backup restoration



Water damage is the most common emergency that plagues homeowners. Unfortunately, it also causes some of the most expensive damage. Basements and lower rooms can often flood from storms and heavy rainfall. Commonalty sewage backup can cause flooding in bathrooms and kitchens within a home. Burst pipes in cold weather are always a problem in the winter months. We even see water creep up through the foundation. No matter where your water damage came from – if you have flooded water in your house you may be left confused and scared. At Water Damage Repair Pro we understand your situation and we’re here to do everything we can to get your home back to normal quickly!

Flood Damage

Has your house suffered severe water damage from a recent flood? Our water extraction machines are readily available when and on-call

Water Damage

When your property has been damaged by a broken pipe or sewer backup, you need an experienced team for quick and effective cleanup service.

Water Extraction

Standing water can bring up chemicals and health hazards. Water that looks clear may carry bacteria. Our water extraction machines are readily available.

Mold Inspection

With moisture comes mold, and mold leads to potential health hazards. If you don't detect and remove mold right away, it will become a health hazard.

Most common sign of water damage?

Removal of Standing Water

Stagnant water is the most common sign of a water damaged home or business premise. Our unparalleled service industry is well equipped with the necessary tools for clearing water pools. Our water extraction machines are readily available when on call. Through the Sub-surface process, we are able to reach to all the water on your carpets and floor surfaces and extract it.

How to dry your flooded house?

Flood Drying Services

Once we have drained your property of all water, we offer water damage services that are geared towards minimizing your loss. All flooring materials including underlayment, floor padding, carpets and tiles are pulled out. This step is taken to ensure that molds do not grow due to the dumbness. We do what we can to salvage as much of your items as we can, what cannot be salvaged you replace.

How to save your personal propety?

Personal Property Restoration

Residential houses and business offices are places used for the safekeeping of documents. We understand that the residents of Huntsville use their homes and business premises to house documents of value. Our experts are experienced in paper document recovery. Using our advanced technology, we can restore and restore almost any type of document, such as standard paper restoration to restoring damaged photos, important maps, legal documents, and other types of media.

Is Standing water in my home safe?

Water Damage Restoration Program

The Presence of water creates a conducive environment for mold, mildew, bacteria, and other organic contaminants. Ensuring your safety is among our core values, we remove all airborne particles and rid your premises of all these harmful conditions to ensure that your habitat is safe to live in.

The water Damage Restorations program has been a great success thanks to Water Damage Repair Pro Huntsville. We are the ideal partner to assist you if you suffering a flood. Any uncontrolled flow of water, however, big or small is destructive. This kind of water has the potential of permanently compromising your structural integrity.

Located in Murrieta California?

Rapid Clean Restoration

If you are a Murrieta CA resident, it’s always best to get professional services from a trusted water damage repair company to handle all your water damage restoration. Murrieta Water Damage Repair Pro had trained staff in the Murrieta and Temecula areas. These experts have a step-by-step means of getting your feet dry and your home restored. Our systematic approach to recovering your home or office to its original state has placed our partnership front line of the restoration service.

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Happy Customers

It rained really bad here which led to our office being flooded. I called Restoration, and they came out immediately, accessed the damages, and did damage control. They also came back 2 days later to ensure everything was drying out properly & went above and beyond to ensure we were ready for the next set of rain showers (they went and found sandbags to put in front of the door that water got through). They also helped me figure out the next steps in the repair process. Jeff and his guys were an absolute pleasure to work with
Rick Langlin
Monday morning their crew was out to remove damaged floor and set up more dryers. My project manager, Dave was helpful and quick to respond to any questions or requests. His coordination efforts with insurance and contractor saved my sanity. He was the best! I highly recommend these very professional experts
Dave Brooks